Fire at night

Before you tiptoed close
and closer, still
my heart was neither wolf nor crow
as tingles on my lips
from venom
of your misplaced kiss
spread fire
through my vacant veins.

“My blood is warmer now”
I whispered
to this starless night of you.

Fire at Night by Francisco Goya

This is Quadrille for De at dVerse.

Also linking up to Tuesday Platform at toads

February 11, 2018

46 responses to “Fire at night

  1. Embracing the macabre, brother–send a chill down my spine. Vamp poems are always so sensual. I, too, liked the neither wolf nor crow reference.

  2. This is so well-done–chilling and sensual both. There’s a sort of not knowing if it is real or a dream feeling, and not knowing which you want it to be either.

  3. There is vampiric darkness in your quadrille, Björn, especially in the line ‘my heart was neither wolf nor crow’ and the phrase ‘venom of your misplaced kiss’. The alliteration in ‘vacant veins’ is very effective. Dreamlike and entrancing.

  4. “from venom/of your misplaced kiss/spread fire/through my vacant veins.”
    Ooh, I love this very much — a kind of dark and mysterious turn to a kiss with a whisper to that “starless night”, which only adds into the sensual allure of your words.

  5. The lover feels a bit like a scavenger in their own right. The dark delights they offer may come with a cost.

  6. Cold fire in the veins — vampiric, greedy, bereft of pantheon like a starless night. How many did we lose there? Yet the next night I was back at the bar, drinking golden ale. Believing.

  7. Love is such a cruel sport as the loser writhes in agony but no one cares. We often look to the stars for help but deep down know they are no help at all.

  8. kaykuala

    as tingles on my lips from venom
    of your misplaced kiss spread fire

    A kiss not quite connected will leave it tingling on the lips. In this instance, however, it is to good effects


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