Sunrise with sea-monsters

Through sulphur haze — a solemn wail
from ocean depths when monsters raised
on bulging backs, on silver scales.
And from our shores we stared derailed
in awe, bedazzled by the whales.

Sunrise with Sea-Monsters by J.M.W. Turner

Linking up a a Spanish quintain for Grace at dVerse.
This is inspired by a painting by Turner and the music composed by Thea Musgrave

November 22, 2018

22 responses to “Sunrise with sea-monsters

  1. You brought a wondrous mysticism to whale-sightings, as well as they all should feel like singular adventures. The last three lines are amazing.

  2. Yes, I really liked the mightyness of this Bjorn.! I was just reading about the blue whales with my 5-year-old grandson today. Considered perhaps the largest living entity, in “mass”, in the history of the world. They also create a sound louder than a jet engine, but so subsonic that human ears don’t “hear” most of it, and their sound waves travel hundreds of miles through the ocean. Don’t know if you wanted to know, but now you know… 😉

  3. A brilliant image, Björn, a sunrise with sea-monsters, and I love the sulphur haze, the bulging backs and silver scales. I also love that it was inspired by a Turner painting and a piece of music.

  4. I love this, Björn–a perfect ekphrastic poem. Who wouldn’t be bedazzled by whales? That Turner painting is wonderful, and I wasn’t familiar with the music, but it does sound like a sea adventure.
    It’s funny that we both wrote about sea creatures. 🙂

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