Deeper deeper

You were ember to my icicles,
You, adventure
and a scent more forceful
than your wet footprints
on the hard-
wood floor from bath to me.

You were braille
on vellum for my fingertips,
spellbound luster, burning
so much slower than desire.

You were warmer plum, a butterfly
that night of obelisks and firework
when we were falling deeper,
deeper, deeper further in.

Psyche by Auguste Rodin

Today Anmol guest prompts at dVerse who prompts us to write about desire and sexuality. Join us at 3PM EST.

November 20, 2018

30 responses to “Deeper deeper

  1. That 1st stanza is tight and sets up anticipation and longing for the deep night. Lovely, steamy work.

  2. The hard-wood floor gives a sense of place to this that adds a dimension. The use of enjambment there also gives another layer of meaning.

  3. Yup, you aced the eros, brother. You hooked me with butterflies exploding into sexual fireworks that night of obelisks, and for some reason the image of your loved one coming to you wet from a shower left me aroused and interested.

  4. Nice tribute, love poem, Bjorn. My favorite lines are, “you were braille
    on vellum for my fingertips.”

  5. Ember, scent,braille, warmer plum- love the stirring use of senses Bjorn~ That last stanza of the night is splendid firework of a poem.

  6. Bjorn, captivating piece, loved it. Here is the pinacle for me – “your wet footprints on the hardwood floor from bath to me”… a bathed nude body is glorious to see, enfold, and consume… nice write…

  7. The best thing about this verse is how it evokes the touch of things (braille, vellum, fingertips, warmer plum), of the firmament of this desire and ecstasy. And the rhythm matches that of lovemaking, in its sweet anticipation and action. Wonderful writing, Bjorn! 🙂

  8. Ah, you went with embers too – and icicles, of course! I love the lines:
    ‘You were braille
    on vellum for my fingertips,
    spellbound luster, burning
    so much slower than desire’.

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