Spicing the stew

Once upon a stormy dark November
a lady dressed in white came home distressed
to find her lover, dead, dismembered.
His heart she found removed from broken chest,
and on the stove his flesh and bones were stewing.
The lady tied an apron round her waist
to clean the scarlet mess he’d made when dying,
and spiced the stew with thyme for better taste.

Cook in front of the Stove by Pieter Aertsen

Today we will have some fun at dVerse with Lillian. Start your poem with “Once upon” followed by anything but the normal word time.
October 30, 2018

33 responses to “Spicing the stew

  1. Too much good creepy fun here, brother. The Lady in White is a well known horror tale; your poem works for Halloween too; smile.

  2. hmmm…me thinks that mess would have irked me more than the rest of the fuss. macabre tale extraordinaire you weave so well, the hunour takes the edge of a little

  3. this is an absolute riot! I loved it. But then I don’t mind dark, macabre humour, even if it’s not all hallow’s eve … and I have to say, the rhyming and pace set such a delicious (but not for the stew) tone … great job! And um, is it me, or is it me? But the cook/chef – in the painting looks a bit “thick” about the arms and face … makes me almost envision some scamp/comedic bumbling highwayman trying to cleverly disguise himself by having donned women’s clothes. LOL – but the painting is wonderfully rich for the details – so I still like it 🙂

  4. A dark ‘once upon a time…’ for Halloween, Bjorn! The sibilant title sounds like a stew spitting on the stove. The rhyme really adds to this and I love the final line!

  5. kaykuala

    It gets into an untoward preparation but instead spiced up with lots of big humor! Great!


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