A scent of morning

I left high school in 1979 with decent grades. I was silent and I was shy. I was non-athletic, non-musical and cared more for math than literature. I was a virgin and would be blushing and tongue tied in the presence of a girl. Actually I felt intimidated in the presence of anyone else. I had spent most of my free time in libraries and if it hadn’t been for my grades I would have shrunk into the shadows.

But I entered university and met with other people just like me. Tongue-tied nerds with decent grades who enjoyed discussing differences between electronic calculators or the way to find that irrational means only looking deep into infinity. I began to talk in public, dared to question the black-boarded scribbles of university professors. I had metamorphosed from being shy to being boisterous and bold.

after the shower
the butterfly jerks its wings —
a scent of morning

Impatiens and butterfly by Qi Baishi

Merril guest hosts at dVerse Haibun Monday and wants us to write a haibun on a moment of change that we have experienced…

October 29, 2018

25 responses to “A scent of morning

  1. A wonderful response to the prompt, and I like how you link your metamorphosis to the butterfly in the haiku.
    I can relate–shy and quiet in high school, no skill or interest in athletics, good grades (though not so much in math). I’m still quiet and shy–though not as much.

  2. Loving this jerking boisterous butterfly! 🙂 I think there are many who “find their wings” when they leave junior high and high school. Some of us just take longer to bloom! 🙂 ….and to spread our wings!

  3. That metamorphosis is so evocative — the jerking of the wings by the butterfly is like the opening of new avenues in life and then there is “a scent of morning” too. Love how your haiku works so well with the prose.

  4. Your transition was sterling; loved the sharing. College was the intellectual apex for me, the most stimulating time of my life; that’s why I went back 3 times, racking up 8 years. Your haiku was killer.

  5. Butterflies need to push and fight their way out, because if they don’t, as you probably know, their wings are rendered useless and they can’t fly and survive.

    Your haiku speaks with startling but beautiful wording – it’s exceptional for it – and is a great compliment to the haibun.

    So it is you found your wings and the deepness of the skies – starry or sunny – and soar!

  6. I can certainly identify with your transition from being shy to bold. Love how you started questioning your univ professors and able to express yourself in public. Also love the butterfly haiku Bjorn.

  7. I love the butterfly analogy in your haiku, Bjorn. I too found my direction when I went to university and I can understand the shyness and library lurking – I did that too – still do!

  8. your haiku embodies the entire haibun, the butterfly emerging and shaking itself gloriously free in a new environment it is beginning to adapt to.

  9. Your haiku beautifully matches your experience as a young adult. What did you mean by “way to find that irrational means only looking deep into infinity…” Was it a way to embrace, with your new friends, everything irrational and inexplicable about the self and universe?

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