Fairer than a fairytale

Once upon a dragon,
dressed in silver
young and fair, the noble
Princess Tinselwi
rode to war,
to fight the ogre Mooblestink,
who ruled the swamp
with perjury and slander,
who flooded land and farms
with waste and hogwash.

At dusk the seventh day
The Princess Tinselwi
found the ogre Mooblestink
hiding deep in mud,
and made him see
the errors of his ways.

She made him clean
the land and farms,
and she told him how
it’s wrong to lie.
Now the ogre Mooblestink
owns a laundromat,
and nowhere whiter linen
can be found than those
that’s washed by ogre Mooblestink.

Dragon by Katsushika Hokusai

A second entry for Lillian at dVerse… Once upon again.

October 30 2018

10 responses to “Fairer than a fairytale

  1. You are the king of coming up with new names.

    This is very creative; I especially like the opening line.

  2. an absolutely powerful Princess, my kind of girl, gets the gut to do the laundry better than her – love this tale and the names are so ticklishly cool!

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