The mastermind behind

“This game is rigged”, Annabella Appleton complained.

Another failed job interview
She slammed down her leather briefcase on the kitchen counter.

“Oh, sweetie-pie let me give you a hug”, Anita closed her laptop and met her stepdaughter in a warm embrace. A mother’s embrace.

“It’s like there’s an evil mastermind somewhere”, Annabella sobbed, “Everytime they seem to know my juvenile problems”.

Anita let the blond mane of her stepdaughter trickle through her fingers, knowing that Annabella would remain under her control forever.

“Would you like my home-cooked Bolognese for dinner tonight”. purred Anita.

“I love you so, mother”, whimpered Annabella.

This image made me think of the mastermind behind the game, so I used that for a little family drama. I will try to get around a bit earlier this week, but at latest I will return on Sunday.

Rochelle sets up the challenge with a picture and we write. It’s highly addictive trying to capture a story in the image.
October 31, 2018

59 responses to “The mastermind behind

  1. Anita is caging Annabelle in her home by informing interviewers of her childhood problem? Suffocating Annabelle with her love?

  2. We both seem to have hit on the theme of parents foiling their children’s plans. Nice parental interference, makes me wonder what the mom’s motive could be? A most unhealthy love for sure.

  3. I don’t know why but this made me think of Mother Gothel and Rapunzel in Tangled… Great work!

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