Not yet haunted

The moaning mansion isn’t haunted (yet),
no ghosts or ghouls, no poltergeist
not a single soul are visiting from a far beyond,

Yet the rooms upstairs aren’t empty (yet)
Still barefooted, in dust she walks,
Miss Otonashi, back and forth;
with nightgown threadbared grey,
she stares through windows, glares
with corpse lights in her eyes. Wild haired
still she butterflies from room to room…
calling for her baby, calling for her groom.

Miss Otonashi never goes to sleep before it’s 3 AM;
she dreams of seaweed, breaking waves,
the stranded ship she left alone.
The moaning mansion isn’t haunted (yet).

Written for the Sunday Muse #27
Also linking to the Tuesday Open Platform at toads

25 responses to “Not yet haunted

  1. I like the combo of different elements and aspects walking through this – this reminds me a bit of a “Miss Havisham” character, but for the obvious differences … yet she seems to be equally haunting, and edged for a cruelty curdling her lips. But perhaps, it is loss and no one but walls to listen and hear –
    I really loved the lightness of butterflying from room to room! Wow – just amazing – it sets her up so clearly in my mind, shuffling through dust, threadbare etc. It’s definitely an atmospheric little tale 🙂

  2. I loved the take on a living person haunting a building. I do wonder though, why choose the name ‘Otonashi’. I did a search and the first reference to come up was a character name from a Godzilla film. It seemed too distant and disconnected from your topic. Did you just pick the name from the air?

  3. I see the phrase “barefoot and pregnant,” but she appears to have lost both her baby and her almost-husband, perhaps at sea. Now she’s alone back home and about to commit suicide.

    She’s a miss, so they never got married. I feel like he was a naval officer, killed at sea. Maybe the stress caused her miscarriage.

  4. Oh, this kind of haunting is something prevalent and common in a non-essential supernatural world — this is what real nightmares symbolize; “glares/with corpse lights in her eyes” — this loss and pain make for the kind of fear that is both heartbreaking and scary. I really like your character sketch and the slow unraveling of her tale — the ‘yet’ in parentheses works really well.

  5. kaykuala

    The moaning mansion isn’t haunted (yet).

    Given the image, your last line is a classic Bjorn! It creates an anticipated picture of a far worst situation or alternatively a picture of intended irony and a sense of humor even!


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