Shortcut to work

When winter is deep
and water’s transformed into ice,
the road that we shortcut to work
might seem for you an adventure,
for us it is normal.

When the lake is finally frozen,
a floor — solid but slippery hard,
we take it ever so easy on spike-studded tires,
arriving apple cheeked happy
safely to work.

The journey reversed is in darkness,
and is one of the blessings of winter,
as is the bottle of wine
shared in a fireplace night.

Winter Landscape with Skaters and a Bird Trap by Pieter Bruegel the Elder

Today Sarah wants us to contemplate a journey at dVerse that might be ordinary for you but different for others… I’m sure that I might be the other one writing about commuting cross the ice every day on bicycle.

21 responses to “Shortcut to work

  1. I love that picture by Pieter Bruegel the Elder – now that would be a fabulous commute – on skates! I’m not keen on driving in snow, especially not in the UK where nothing is geared up for it. I love the idea of ‘arriving apple cheeked happy’ and ‘the bottle of wine / shared in a fireplace night’.

  2. Falling through the ice fears would give me pause to cycle across it. In the Spring it must be dicy. Do you have winter tires on the bike?

  3. This is so warming and sweet in the backdrop of ice and cold — making the familiar journey through that frozen path sounds exciting. I loved how you portrayed “the blessings of winter”.

  4. Spike-studded bicycle tires. It has never occurred to me that such things exist–nor that anyone would ride a bike over snow and ice. I love what we learn about each other on these blogs. An exciting ride with you through a novel world. So glad it ended warm and cozy.

  5. i felt the magic of winter from your poem, the solid water, warm wine and rosy apple cheeks. what normal for you is an adventure i would like to have for sure!

  6. What an amazing way to go to work. I have no experience of living in such a cold climate and am always impressed by the creative ways people find to live in such environments.

  7. This is great! I read in my great-great-grandfather’s book how they went across the Lake Erie when they were traveling in the winter. Hard to imagine.

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