Someone should pay

Scarecrows… they look like scarecrows.

D.C. Scott Sutton tightens his grip around the railing facing the judge and the barristers..

Remembering, closing his eyes…
a young woman’s body, like Ophelia… or Evelyn.

He looks at the young man.
Imagines him dressed in a hoodie and not suited up.

It could be him… does it matter?… nothing but the truth… someone has to pay!

The shirt sticks to his skin… why wearing nylon?.

He clears his throat… faces the judge.

“Yes… your honor, I saw Mr. Abdi killing the victim”.


Tonight he would bring flowers to Evelyn’s grave.

© Roger Bultot

The impressive setting reminded me of a courtroom. I’m curious how much of the story I intended to write that works. I imagined a backstory here and wonder what kind of story you see.

Friday Fictioneers is a blogging community. Rochelle is the godmother of this addictive challenge selecting the picture and setting the example.

October 24, 2018

32 responses to “Someone should pay

  1. I see him providing witness evidence which may not be totally accurate, and wonder why he has to pin it on someone who has to pay. Could he be covering for his own part in foul play here? Great stuff.

  2. It sounds to me like he’s not sure but after losing Evelyn he’s making sure every suspect in his investigations ends up convicted – just in case.

  3. Courageous man Mr. Sutton. Who knows someone may bring flower to his grave. These gangsters can kill at the drop of a hat. Nice story.

  4. A cautionary tale of when emotion meets the criminal justice system. It can be scary to think about how many innocent people are behind bars at this very moment because of a careless decision. Hopefully Mr. Abdi has an alibi.

    Great story man 🙂

  5. Most interesting take, Björn… However…. is he so desperate for justice that he cares not who he sends away? And then again, is he guilty of something? I love that you leave things for us to think about.
    An “r” escaped from your Honour…

  6. He’s desperate for someone to pay for Evelyn’s death, it no longer matters if it is the right person. He’s convinced Mr. Abdi is close enough, though he was conflicted for a moment. Intriguing story.

  7. Dear Björn,

    I find the most chilling part of this story is that he’s not sure of the defendant’s guilt, he just wants someone to pay. Well done and too plausible for comfort.



  8. Makes a mockery of the swearing-in of a witness but then I read once that the oath is a waste of time. Allegedly 99 percent of people wouldn’t dare to lie in court and the rest couldn’t care less.

  9. How shocking that he’s willing to send someone to jail, knowing full well that the person isn’t guilty of the crime. I wonder how often this happens in real life.

  10. Skulking shadows formed by the domed ceiling lights move around the court. Minds fly back to the fateful night under the filtered lights in the park. Sweaty palms gripped inside white knuckled fingers. Her voice cracks.

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