Making sure she is buried

The late Mrs. Emel Mackenzie
always came early to better
be able to notice
the lateness of others,
and hence at her funeral
the pews had started to fill
an hour before
the service had started,
but when she safely was buried —
        everyone left.

Clock by Marc Chagal

A second Quadrille for Kim at dVerse.
October 22, 2018

20 responses to “Making sure she is buried

  1. Now that was funny, well written, loved the voice and delivery and easy pace. But funny, did i say that. I enjoyed.

  2. This reminds me, of the stores of quilting bees. Everyone came early to get a good spot near the center, and so others wouldn’t talk about her…or that is what I have heard.

  3. I like the abrupt ending! Hahaha – seems fitting for the constant “first come, first served” aspect!

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