Contemplating the void

You left me early that morning in October,
leaving only your warmness behind.

I overslept, woke with a jolt, wondering
where in the shadows you’re freezing.

I made myself coffee, listened to echoes
of hurrying footsteps; admiring how
this darkness can widen from nothing.

Contemplating the void by Leo Villareal

A quadrille for Kim at dVerse. The word today is early.

October 22, 2018

40 responses to “Contemplating the void

  1. I love the way you’ve captured the scene in your quadrille, Björn. It reminds me of a fifties French film. I like the phrase ‘wondering
    where in the shadows you’re freezing’.

  2. This is deliciously worded, Bjorn! 🙂 Love the image of darkness widening from nothing ❤️

  3. a sudden withdrawal of warmth confuses the brain before the body can adapt. i like the last line about the darkness, our minds can create a lot of things out of nothing.

  4. That can be jolting, and you stirred the emotions and images perfectly of such a jolting experience.

  5. I loved and was startled by “leaving your warmness behind” – wow – that is just gripping – and so naturally, the rest of this micro poem just tells such a sensitively tuned story … wonderful wording here Bjorn!

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