Stillborn words

These; my stillborn words
of staring into voids of darkness,

These: my queries roared
while counting time
that can’t be measured,
or when or why?
or with whom it counts?

These; are words
to unlock what’s passed
or what might be
instead of draining syllables to slow me down,
to make the seconds matter.

Lines Meeting by
Pierre Dubreuil

A Flash 55 for Kerry at toads, will also link up to Poetry Pantry tomorrow.

24 responses to “Stillborn words

  1. Stillborn words.. your metaphor reminds me of the times I’ve felt mentally blocked from writing any more poems (pretty much all the time) when a key might come in handy.

  2. A wonderful way of describing those moments, Bjorn:
    ‘These; my stillborn words
    of staring into voids of darkness’,
    I love the way you repeat ‘These’, offering your words to the reader. I especially love the lines:
    ‘These; are words
    to unlock what’s passed
    or what might be
    instead of draining syllables to slow me down’.

  3. Oh, I love the emphasis you put on “These”, carrying the weight of this reflection — the idea of stillborn words is so melancholic.
    I too loved the closing. 🙂

  4. “These; my stillborn words of staring into voids of darkness”.. this reminds me of times when we stuggle to write .. when words seem to slip out of hands and refuse to pour on the page. A most powerful 55, Bjorn! ❤

  5. Some words seems to be hard to birth at times. How do we unlock the canal that will let life flow from our hearts?

    You have captured writer’s block or could it be an emotional block of some form?

  6. I like the image of words as things—keys, if you will—to unlock both past and future. That said, sometimes the keys work for me and sometimes they don’t. I’m sure you’ve had the same experience.

  7. kaykuala

    These; my stillborn words
    of staring into voids of darkness,

    The difficulties in starting very apparent in many instances.They are dead even before being able to be alive. Great opening Bjorn!


  8. I’m kind of in awe with the way you played with the word “these” and the punctuation after each one.

  9. Exceptionally evocative – a musing on what it means to be – to live – wondering for the purpose – and to create, not only literally, whether it be in words or another medium, but generally – are our lives not meant to be – as canvases, tapestries simply because we *are* …

    I love the power in the questions, the responses, and in particular, the closing stanza – and the last two lines – they echo with the existential as well as wisdom of the ages, and the realization that now is all we have and can claim as our own – for as small as this is, too.

  10. And sometimes these words come in a tsunami, and sometimes they’re as elusive as a summer breeze. Well put, my friend.

  11. Very cerebral wordplay, here, Bjorn. Having read it, even the title took off in an unexpected direction.

  12. I enjoyed reading this, Bjorn. I was reminded of what we call in the U.S, “falling on deaf ears.” Typical is a one sided conversation, generally with a plea for action between spouses.

  13. these are words that matter.
    words the politicians use to mislead, words that hurt a relationship, words we struggle to put into a sentence. the list goes on…
    an evocative poem, Bjorn.

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