Spewed from indigestion
of a sperm whale,
washed in waves and kelp
are ambergris and attar from rose,
are musk and frankincense,
are sandalwood and cinnamon.

These, the basic notes to build
perfumes on animal attraction,
dabbed an essence of you,
I nibble earlobes
napping in your nape,
while being us with whale and sea.

Roses (also known as The Scent of Roses) by Lilla Cabot Perry

For Margret at toads. Ambergris is an essential ingredients of perfume and comes from the intestines of sperm whales. Has now been replaced by synthetic alternatives.

October 5, 2018

4 responses to “Ambergris

  1. From “indigestion of a sperm whale” to “napping in your nape” – an unlikely transition – and then I read your note. One of life’s oddities.

  2. I learned, Bjorn. The perfume highlighted. I had not known of ‘Ambergris’ but I am glad it can be replaced by a synthetic. Perfume around the head won’t cause nibbling from me, I am allergic to perfume.

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