Political stage sets

“Grigory, it’s fantastic! Look at the turrets and bulwarks, the might of the walls and the moats, Russia will conquer and win”

Potemkin looked at his empress, his mistress, and smiled.

“You highness, look at Comte de Segur, I can almost see his report.”

“We will leave tomorrow at nine”, Catherine replied.

“Good, I will tell my men to prepare for tomorrow.”

Grigory knew that the soldiers would work through the night, disassemble and transport, then rebuild the setting downstream the Dnjepr. He wondered if Catherine knew what they did. An empress should never be forced into lying for ambassadors.

For those who have never heard about a Potemkin Village and the fascinating story of Potemkin and Catherine the great you can find more here. Most likely large part of the story is myth, but the relationship between Catherine and Potemkin is not. Why the clock first looked like a fake mansion I can only blame on bad eyesight.

Friday Fictioneers is a great Wednesday activity hosted by Rochelle, the challenge is simply to write a story of 100 words to the seme picture.

September 13, 2018

36 responses to “Political stage sets

  1. Thank you, I learnt something new. Historical bits are always fascinating. It is somewhat risky to sleep with ones boss, who happened to be empress. Like everything, Potemkin managed it.

  2. Fake views and fake news, it seems they have a long history. And I love learning about history when it is new to me.

  3. A fascinating historical take this week. That is some dedication, and canniness, Catherine’s lover and soldiers showed.

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