Warming up

I’m glacial, I’m frezing
please giggle me warmer
let’s sizzle together
it’s drizzling outside.

Spill me the best
of those quicksilver grins,
I’ll beam you my gems.

Web me with laughter,
tickle me gently,
I’ll tease you with feathers
till we’re moaning in mirth.

The Happy Couple by Pietro Longhi

Today it’s quadrille time at dVerse with De again… the word is quick and has to be part of the poem which has to have exactly 44 words including the chosen word.

September 10, 2018

41 responses to “Warming up

  1. “till we’re moaning in mirth.” Love the m sounds here….and the “giggle me warmer.” Love-poem-light. You do know how to appeal here 🙂

  2. So many wonderful “Z-words” to launch the piece; just a buzzing away. This is indeed “love-light”, bringing fun to the poet’s table.

  3. this is playful, light and fun, and your choice of words reflects this well – and the use of the second stanza – the opening lines and “quicksilver” grins … is well, stellar! Superb quadrille!

  4. Ah, quicksilver grins – they have a sinister background. Back in the day they treated syphilis with quicksilver/mercury. It caused patients to salivate, which they believed would to expel the disease. Unpleasant side effects of mercury treatment included gum ulcers and loose teeth, so imagining a quicksilver grin is quite gruesome. Not a topic I should be thinking about at the moment with my nasty extraction!

    • Ouch.. yes there is that of course… I was more thinking how it flows… my great grandfather actually died in a mental hospital at a very late stage of syphilis… fortunately my great grandmother made it and remarried

      • I’ve been watching The Frankenstein Chronicles with Sean Bean, who plays Marlott the detective, who is in the late stages of syphilis and is cured when he is hanged and then brought to life again. It’s a dark series that takes you by surprise.

    • I loved the first season of The Frankenstein chronicles – a bit slow but I enjoyed it. The second season (which I watched the whole thing) just wasn’t the same and I should have just left it with the first season. It was a fascinating dark spin.

  5. Ooh, the verbs become titillating as the action proceeds. I love the sounds and movements here. “Web me with laughter,” is such a memorable line. It’s both playful and sweet — just the way I like it. 🙂

  6. Oh the power of laughter! Just love what you did here with verbs…”giggle me”, “spill me” , “web me”, “….so much fun.

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