Song without words

This is not their final words at dusk
it’s not a poem told at dawn,
neither sunshine nor the moon
It’s unpredictable
their river wild,
words withheld —

Song without words by Lynd Ward

A nonet for Marian at toads. Will also link to Poetry Pantry tomorrow morning.

30 responses to “Song without words

  1. Oh, it is unpredictable indeed — there is a volatility in your words brimming with a certain tension; even a single ripple may end up into a wide-ranging conflict. It is moody and surprising. Like you say, “it’s not a poem told at dawn”.

  2. I can sense the smothered rage and feel the intensity of that river.. perhaps wild with emotions .. a truly gripping write! 💖

  3. There is a fierceness bubbling under this piece, so that when you reach that final word, it feels like a growl of warning one second before that rage gets released.

  4. That is always the scariest thing to deal with someone or something unpredictable. Then is is best to be extremely calm…and plan your escape wisely!

  5. Words withheld are indeed unpredictable, and can fuel rage in the one from whom they are being withheld.

  6. The enduring poet is a warrior in this battle. Nice !
    Thanks for dropping by my Sumi-e Sunday today Björn


  7. Where did my comment go? Sometimes I think my phone eats my comments. I think your rage is well tethered and cushioned. I wonder how the elections are going in Sweden today? It seems there are trumpler candidates every where nowadays.

  8. The nonett form lends itself so well, to a hard truth. I think you built the tension brilliantly, here, with few words. With each line, I had a sense of a stone being thrown. And then:

    ‘words withheld —

    the big boulder. The hard truth. An awesome piece, Bjorn.

  9. well done on mastering this form – you have further underscored the Nonet with “neither sunshine nor the moon”

    p.s. Judging by your comment on my blog, you are in dangerous mood Bjorn 😉

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