Interstellar sailing

When we left the pull of planets —
tossed into vacuum of interstellar sailing
the chief scientist came down
from the upper levels saying
that our ship would be our home
and in many years from now, our coffin,
a message in a bottle for an alien race
to find when travelling to meet us.


Linked to Toni’s prompt at toads on the void from the Japanese word Enso, meaning circle. We should focus on the emptiness inside, and for me the three dimensional void. This is also a 55 word poem for Kerry.

September 7, 2018

18 responses to “Interstellar sailing

  1. I just like this ~ I really do; the tone, the feeling, the suggestiveness of it, the slightly (to my mind) strangeness of the words, and how they sing on my tongue and in my brain, for the images they offer – concrete yet metaphorical, perhaps – star travellers we are.

  2. Whoa, that is a stunning thought. The craft the takes them far will also be their coffin. Hmmmmm, i know several notable figures who would be perfect for that flight. Smiles. Sorry i havent been to dverse, bjorn. Struggling with vertigo and barely keeping up with P.U. and toads.

  3. Your sci fi stretches my imagination. I like the way you have written it in as if you are really are on that space ship.

  4. Wow! This took me places.. galaxies away. This idea is not so far from probability, I believe, which makes me feel a little excited and anxious at the same time.

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