See me, you beholder

As footprints on the beach are washed away,
like tears may dry or dreams will die at dawn
are memories of streets we walked in rain.
“It’s not like that”, you said, before you left.
Closing doors I sipped my coffee growing colder.
Being older in the eyes of you — beholder.

Fast sketch of withered oak by John Ruskin

Linked to Open Link Night at dVerse hosted by Grace.

September 6, 2018

21 responses to “See me, you beholder

  1. Sadness and specificity today, brother; breaking up, separation, heartache–all linked to closing doors and cold coffee; sweet.

  2. That’s the second heartbreak/break-up poem from you this week, Bjorn. They both convey feelings to well. In this one I love the footprints being washed away from the beach and the final lines – so final.

  3. They say that beauty is ephemeral. So it is possible to find it in anything. From footprints on the beach to the best moments of our lives. This poem is different, it has that powerful, timeless quality that betrays traditional, fragile beauty. Needless to say, I loved it.

  4. I love the art of withered leaf and the desire to be more connected to the other, who doesn’t ‘see’ you or accept your aging is par for the course.

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