Once a month

It was time again… excruciating pain when the rays from the moon hit my retina, spreading through marrow and bones; rippling through muscles, into finger and toes.

I grow longer, stronger. My lips curling back revealing the teeth turning to fangs, the hair on my back changing to fur; nails growing to claws.

Man becomes beast.

Ravaged from hunger I howl. Trying to break the shackles that ties me.
In vain I wail for my children to come… for my wife to return…

They have left for the night.

Deep inside I am grateful…
Tomorrow we will have breakfast together.

I couldn’t come up with anything more original than a werewolf tale this week. To make it a bit original I imagine a werewolf locking himself up to keep others around him safe. As usual it might take a few days for me to return visits.

Friday Fictioneers are a community writing 100 word storied to the same image, selected by Rochelle and often coming from other members of the community.

September 5, 2018

38 responses to “Once a month

  1. This is my favorite section:

    “hit my retina, spreading through marrow and bones; rippling through muscles, into finger and toes.

    I grow longer, stronger.”

  2. I like the beast part of him wishing his family were there so he could feast on them while buried deep the human part is relieved they aren’t. I hope his chains are sturdy enough.

  3. Man turning into a werewolf on full moon night. Spooky and mysterious. At least they will have breakfast together, the next day.

  4. Your werewolf knows how it’s done. Great description of his feelings and at the same time horrifying and hopeful.

  5. Excellent description of the change from man to beast. When you write that he uses physical restraints and sends his family away on full moon nights, you give a more nuanced werewolf story. Clever writing.

  6. What an engaging transformation from man to beast, and so full of feeling. This is not a werewolf to be frightened of, although of course he is. Fantastic descriptions.

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