Just walking

Every path starts at our front door. After less than two kilometers we have left the gardens and houses behind. An occasional jogger might pass us and we note that this year the bilberries will most likely be scarce. Spring came late and summer was early, but birds have not yet gone silent. We pass slowly through woods and by lakes. We walk close to the fields and sometimes we hear in the distance the engines of cars. We take lunch that we brought, we sit in the shade while reading. What is the purpose of wealth? Is it spending the summer at malls? Is it this? Our freedom costs less than a footpath, a sandwich and the bus ticket back. We make choices.

buttercup meadow —
the heartbeat of summer
leveret hides

Today I host haibun Monday and the topic is freedom at dVerse. I would like you to think of aspects of freedom and how it also can intrude on other peoples freedom.

June 11, 2018

24 responses to “Just walking

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  2. For my weekend, nature wins every time. I love how the short walk, with books and sandwich, can make you reflect on your life’s purpose.Love that buttercup meadow ~

  3. I like the way you have captured the angst of these times in your haibun. I agree, we must choose.

  4. The bus ticket at the end confused me a bit–you walk there and take a bus back? Still your haibun shimmers with sage advice. I do miss walking and hiking.

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