Burgundy stains

     from rain —
       our numbness,
        peppermint blues,
in hues of Burgundy staining your blouse
the mock-orange choke us with incense
        as this evening
      of summer
    reeks in

Nordic Summer Evening by Richard Bergh

Written for Marion at toads, a double Tetractys. I will also link to Poetry Pantry tomorrow morning.

June 9, 2018

33 responses to “Burgundy stains

  1. This is absolutely exquisite! 💜 Love the subtle hint of sensuality in “hues of Burgundy staining your blouse.” Beautifully rendered.💜

  2. this is such an interesting form – the precision of the “count” means very accurate images offered, yet there are still such layers and mystery to be consumed by the mind ~
    it leaves me feeling very satisfied!

  3. Ah – a summer evening reeking in bliss…that is perfect summer’s eve, I think. I enjoyed your use of color in this poem, Bjorn.

  4. A fun read, Bjorn.

    I think I might like your peppermint blues
    Red white and blue
    Your stained blouse
    Makes me

  5. Wow! Bjorn, this is stunning. I LOVE the way you set out the lines – that adds a whole new dimension in itself.

  6. Pretty, pretty! And the shape of your poem suggests and arrow forward, suggesting… hmmmm, what could evening bring for this couple?

  7. You brought. it I like the contrast and mix of colors and the setting of bliss.

  8. The use of “reeks” dresses the tone in a violent way, leaves me thinking that this sort of brightness and bliss might not be what most people are looking for.

  9. This little piece is so loaded – and yet – exquisitely rendered. It certainly gives pause. My impression is of a summer evening, where all is not what it might appear to be. The form, itself, which – to my mind – resembles an arrow, can be taken as cupid’s arrow … or an arrow causing injury. The words ‘reeks in bliss’ present a similar dichotomy. Awesome – very clever – work here, Bjorn!

  10. kaykuala

    Beautifully done when the Tetractys.is extended this way. It flows naturally!


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