Almost like running

The moment when you rush,
with muscles pumping
sweating and with blood
taste in your mouth
when you are strong
and you are fast
and when the path is smooth
and to the beat of footfalls
you know that you are winning.

That moment just before
you stumble, fall and,
twist your knee,
is like your smile before
we shared a cup of coffee
and I said farewell.

Greek vase with runners

Shay want’s us to think about almost the end at toads. We are almost at the end of the April challenge, I missed out in the beginning but hope to reach 30 poems tomorrow. This is number 27.

April 29, 2018

19 responses to “Almost like running

  1. Another dirty trick from the Great Humorist In The Sky. Love the vase and the song. I hadn’t heard it before. Love the Spanish feel.

  2. A cosmic banana slip moment, and then …. well, you can never be sure when the lightning of the moment will strike, or who it will hit first – or how a revelation will unfold –

    definitely a worthwhile ending – the last line surely makes all the world of difference here ….

  3. I enjoyed the thoughtful and thought provoking direction that you went in, with the prompt.

  4. I love these lines, Bjorn:
    ‘That moment just before
    you stumble, fall and,
    twist your knee,
    is like her smile before
    you shared a cup of coffee
    and I said farewell’
    and thanks for the song, one of my favourites by Dylan..

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