Not owning the night

This night is on fire
is one among millions,
is sparkling
with storm and sensations,
is death and damnation,
stillness and howling.

This night
is a night to remember,
is a night to pretend
it’s a night not forever.

This night is not owned
it’s shared with the ghosts
but we profess it’s still ours.

In the night by Marc Chagall

A 55 for hedge.

10 responses to “Not owning the night

  1. Very nice! I really love when poets write their own words and not turn someone else’s work into their own by rearrangement of wording. Poets are smart, they recognise! So, good luck to you with words all your own! 🙂

  2. Night has a magic the day never finds–I love the second, central stanza–time insists the night is not forever, but at least it does come, that may not be a totally good thing. The mood set up in the first stanza you resolve nicely in those last lines. Thanks for adding your 55 to the mix, Bjorn.

  3. As Hedge said, the middle stanza really hammers it home – but you’ve set it up and close it so well …. which just makes it pack this rocking, rhythmic punch …. I felt like I was well, let’s just leave it … yup — that middle stanza – it reads like the passion … great way to play with these words.

  4. Great close on this – it gives me pause: if we didn’t indulge ourselves in believing that we owned such entities as ‘the night’, I suspect poetry would suffer greatly ~ smiles ~

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