Who’s to blame?

Can you blame the sky for being blue?
Can you stop the blackbird singing?
Can you say that spring should halt
   and shroud it’s face with snow?
Can you stop the time before they called?
Can you change the world?
Can you denounce their young embrace
   when you have lost your face?
Can you feel the pain when you’ve been numbed?

© Björn Rudberg

In my quest for 30 poems in April I’m almost there. For those that do not know about the concrete lions on Drottninggatan in Stockholm they became a symbol after the terror attack in Stockholm a little be more than a year ago. Questions can be more important than answers. Linking up to Poetry Pantry.
April 29, 2018

20 responses to “Who’s to blame?

  1. All these are excellent questions! They are invitations to slow down, to ponder, and to meditate. (I, for one, would never want to stop the blackbird’s singing.)

  2. All such important questions and yet, changing the world will come not from blame but through changing ourselves for the better…..I really loved this. It felt like a song to me. And very poignant against the backdrop of the concrete lions.

  3. The last question, in particular, brings to mind so many thoughts–how the numbing happened, why, what else is it keeping away…? So many things.

    Also, it would be fantastic to read a poem answering the questions.

  4. kaykuala

    Questions can be more
    important than answers.

    Questions questions! Yes, very much so. It begets more questions as it goes along!


  5. Answers seldom come without questions – particularly in issues of major social concern.

  6. Yes – “How did it happen?” is perhaps a more useful question than the blame one. And it is good to keep questions open; that way you don’t get just one answer and immediately close down to all other possibilities. (So I was taught long ago.) I like your questions, and also your explanation about the lions, which gives them more context for me.

  7. Sadly humans are a very cruel race and we don’t really want know the answer to the question “Why?” because we know we are.

  8. “Can you feel the pain when you’ve been numbed?”
    Marginalised and oppressed people still face this question on a daily basis. Nice one.

  9. The questions are great but more importantly your statement- questions can sometimes be more important than answers! Wonderfully contemplative!

  10. These are definitely questions to ponder. I do wonder if we CAN change the world. I would like to go back in time to perhaps 5 years ago and just start over AGAIN! And do it differently. Sigh. Those lions seem to be powerful symbols…

  11. probably i would have some opinions to some of the questions but i would not like to stop the blackbirds singing. 🙂

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