Lingering Daylight

Daylight lingers after sunset; sky is raspberry lemonade and from above the birds still sing. Night will come, but in a few month from now dusk will merge with dawn. They say the twilight’s blue but to me it’s more like silver. But when you visit me in summer you’ll have to sleep in daylight and never see the stars.

blue as daylit sky
its eggs are still unhatched —
blackbird secrets

Victoria hosts at dVerse haibun Monday and inspires us to write about chijitsu meaning dusk and lingering day.
April 16, 2018

35 responses to “Lingering Daylight

  1. Raspberry lemonade–such a perfect description of that evening sky. I can’t imagine living in constant daylight–I had family in Alaska and my aunt had such a hard time getting her children to sleep in summer.

  2. Welcome back, Bjorn! I hope you had a great break. Another lovely photograph to illustrate an equally lovely haibun.I agree with Victoria that raspberry lemonade is an excellent description of the sky at sunset.
    Your haiku is stunning!

  3. I like your use of colors in this piece, and love the line “you’ll have to sleep in daylight and never see the stars.” Nice to see you back.

  4. Wow, for you way up there, dusk really does just blend with the dawn. A wonder of the world I’ve yet to experience but the implications are so intriguing. In one season there really is no reason to be afraid. And a wonderful haiku, as well.

  5. Just lovely Bjorn, and that image of a season without night, without stars, without darkness – I mean how’s a poet going to write anything? (I’m sure you’ll find a way). Great stuff.

  6. never seeing the stars… in Michigan and here by the Blue Ridge Parkway (NC) the nightly stars are a reason to go outside and gaze for a while in silence. I would certainly miss that. Lovely Haibun and haiku.

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