On the edge of spring

Spring is water, sluggish creeks
decaying scent of leaves the winter left,
persistent drizzle, tears on cheek,
but soon it’s green — spring is best.

Linked to dVerse OLN where Grace hosts.

This will be me last post for a week. I will be back after a short break.

April 5, 2018

29 responses to “On the edge of spring

  1. April is fickle here in Pennsylvania. High winds yesterday, today sun and occasionally a snowflake or 2. Hope your time away is wonderful, Bjorn.

  2. Beautiful!💜 There is hardly spring or winter here near the equator so I long for the change of scenery. Enjoy your break, Bjorn 😊

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  4. Agree – spring is best. Hope it arrives soon for you northern folk. If you’re wondering, your summer is still lingering down here (it’s probably got a seat at the Commonwealth Games :-))

  5. oh yes…..that persistent drizzle…and so many times it is chilling to the bone.
    Serendipity — I’m just getting to reading these posts and five minutes ago I posted for napowrimo a haiku that includes a drizzly spring rain 🙂

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