Play it safe

I never lost my marbles,
in the schoolyard;
I kept them safe inside
a cotton bag my mother sew
unless I safely played
        to win.

A very short poem for Rommy at toads, using a children’s game. At this time of year I’m reminded of playing marbles as a kid. I used to play it safe and ended up winning more than losing.
April 16, 2018

13 responses to “Play it safe

  1. Know when you can win, a good goal to have. I loved marbles as a child I used to hoard them in a little bag as well. I hated to part with them. Thank you for the memory. 🙂

  2. I could never get too enthused about games where I might lose something I much preferred to keep. It’s probably the reason I never saw the appeal of gambling.

  3. We still have a set of marbles down here in the desert, left over from when my 70 something aunt and the 80 something neighbor used to play years ago. Hope they have marbles wherever it is they are now! Fun one, Bjorn.

  4. Oh gosh yes!💜 Marbles 😊 I used to collect them and play along with my cousins. It was a family tradition!💜

  5. Well, this brought a flashback to circles drawn in the black dirt and my BFF, her brother and I playing marbles. That has to have been 65 years ago. Thanks for sharing your beautiful words.

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