When even crows are silent

This weather is a nothingness of grey —
More fog than rain, a moist
defying pull of gravity
that clings to skin with silky tentacles
as adamant as pestilence;
this weather cannot breathe
it sticks to hair; to cloth and clothes.
it irks and mire me,
it muffles all and everything.

For Paul’s weather prompt at toads.

April 5, 2018

27 responses to “When even crows are silent

  1. Great title, and I like the way the poem shows the conditions of weather which even the crows would find enervating.

  2. I m experiencing the same kind of weather here .. that makes everything stick to each other.. Powerful write!💜

  3. as adamant as pestilence;

    – oh, in the never-ending sea of gray, as even the crows are abject in their misery for the weather –
    it’s been this way here, since late fall, I think I could count the number of sunshine days on two hands since that time – so demoralizing – and spring is teasingly slow to arrive as winter clutches fiercely still –

    I like how you’ve woven this tale of woe Bjorn – it sticks to the skin.

  4. Concrit:
    ‘This weather is a nothingness of grey —’

    perhaps to read:
    ‘This weahter – a nothingness, a grey -‘

    ‘More fog than rain, a moist
    defying pull of gravity’

    peraps to read:

    ‘More fog than rain, a
    defying gravity’

    … if out of line forgive me.

    • I see what you mean… the first change make it a bit tighter, but in my view changing the rhythm of the poem….

      The second change does modify the meaning of gravity, which works but not what I meant with the change.

      Thank you for the feedback… I do not mind at all.

  5. Your words describe so well, the stickiness (is that a word?) of your day in the foggy mist 🙂

  6. I think you captured this beautifully. It’s quite gray here at the moment, but at least we don’t have the fog, rain, or silky tentacles.

  7. We love to complain of the weather, don’t we? There is a saying that “the rain falls on the good and the bad.” Which one will complain the most?
    BTW, I’d like to read a new “Librarian” poem of yours doing this April. He is a trademark here.

  8. A dichotomy (in a sense) to use the word beautiful, as a descriptive word for your poem and yet it is suitable here (IMO) as you’ve conveyed so well, a feeling, an emotion, and the accompanying sensations that follow. So yes, beautifully poetic, Björn. I love your artistry (as always).

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