After the lie’s been told

behind curtains of rain —
another lie’s been told;

it’s strange how much
a void can weigh when
left alone

in suffocating sense of
loss — the sound of flies
bouncing on my window.

the unwashed dishes still
remains … unwashed.

behind curtains of pain —
another mirrored corridor
repeated afterwards

Family and Rainstorm by Alex Colville

Linked to Sanaa’s prompt on curtains at toads and to hedge.

March 9. 2018

20 responses to “After the lie’s been told

  1. Goodness such powerful imagery in this one, Bjorn! Lies can certainly suffocate a budding relationship as true faces emerge and all that’s left is pain. A profound write. Thank you so much for participating 💖

  2. The way you use repetition here works really well to drone in a sense of hopelessness and stasis that suffocates, that the lie is the hand on the pillow forced down over our faces…an excellent 55, Bjorn. So glad you could participate.

  3. “remains … unwashed”

    I love how that line, by itself, makes it sound like dirty body parts are lying around, willy-nilly. 🙂

  4. I’ve read, re-read, re-read this poem. I am overwhelmed. You’ve captured the truth, emotion, exhaustion, the one foot in front of the other. A wow, sir.

  5. Your words are true, and yes, life seems a cycle. Life won’t wait for you, and sometimes it is all we can do, is to “keep up.”

  6. The loss, the void shouts from your words, The silence of lies can be deafening, the sense of betrayal defeating.

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