Wonder Woman

Willowbender woman — you
wind and force of fury,
sage and savory;
woman sun and rainbowmender,

your day today is bright
but you are mostly every night,
women — you
are moon and might.
Wondergender woman — you.

A tribute to every woman, to all the women. Written for dVerse OLN where Grace hosts tonight.

March 8, 2018

29 responses to “Wonder Woman

  1. “Willowbender woman”

    “sage and savory;
    woman sun and rainbowmender”

    Really cool descriptions.

  2. Hah! Great for International Womens’ Day. LOVE Wondergender — much better than Wonder Woman which brings to mind the revealing costume of the Marvel character that somehow, to me, still praises a woman’s ideally shaped (in the minds of stereotypical society) body rather than her brains and brawn. Wondergender seems somehow, to me, to avoid that pitfall.

  3. Hi there Bjorn, just read Grace’s piece and it made me smile to see how you tackle the topic in your very own and different way… but still so effectively AND essentially capturing and conveying the same message. For me, makes evenings like this so stimulating and worthwhile… Thanks…

  4. A mighty woman she is. Love the play of words: woman sun and rainbowmender ! Thanks for the tribute to all women today Bjorn!

  5. Women were Wonder Women long before the term ever came into being. Any woman who has given their life is a Wonder Woman to me. My mom was one of those women. Not sure what is going on at night in your poem…Wonder Gender Woman could go either way!

  6. kaykuala

    your day today is bright
    but you are mostly every night,

    For all the wonders of a super hero women can’t help but to be loving to their men.


  7. In truth, every one of us contains both those qualities called masculine and those called feminine, even though biologically draws us differently. It is in the sacred marriage, the hieros gamos that we are made whole.

  8. Thank you! As a woman, I’m very happy to accept this gorgeous poem – along wth many of my sisters, I see.

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