Corporate Policies

Mr Tumnus was late. His boss had made him cross-check all the spreadsheets.

“Jadis wants your report on her desk tomorrow morning”.

Rumors said that they were targeted by a major equity firm, and the witch wanted to cash out.

“Can’t be any worse than this”, he thought while parking his battered old Toyota on the snowy driveway.

He knew the fridge was empty but he only craved sleep.

Suddenly he saw her by the lamppost. She looked forlorn in her large fur-coat, but he knew the corporate policy:

Never talk to strangers.

Disappointed Lucy shut the door to Narnia.

© Dale Rogerson

I could only think of Narnia when I saw the lamppost and the snow. I guess I’m not the only one.

Rochelle selects the picture and lead the way. The rest of us tries to find a hundred word story in the image and write. We are Friday Fictioneers.

February 14, 2018

42 responses to “Corporate Policies

  1. That’s what he gets. “Business first” is a stupid policy. He doesn’t deserve Lucy, and he’ll regret losing her for the rest of his life.

  2. That’s such a classic scene from the books, a faun standing under a lamppost in the snow, arms full of parcels. As a child I found the idea of ‘Always winter and never Christmas’ chilling! How different the stories would have been if CS Lewis had take this route – winter would have reigned forever

  3. Wow. Great minds think alike.
    The moment I looked at the picture, I remembered Narnia!
    Since I had already written about it, I wrote something else!
    Your interpretation takes the tale to another level!

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