If you would let me dream

If I could be a sliver
   of your thoughts
   when unaware.

If I could butterfly,
   be lighthouse
   privy to your heart
   have keys and words
   to spi{e}ll
   your name in red.

If I could bubble
   you with fantasies,
   balloon perceptions,
   forming wings for you
   from dreams of mine

If you and I could
   Valentine as two
   are one, and
   parts in unison.

I might believe
   that love exists.

Catrin Welz-Stein Tutt’Art@

Today Lilian has gotten the permission from Catrin Welz-Stein to use one of four selected images for poetry at dVerse. It was a hard choice, but the image of the boy with a lighthouse inspired me. Besides I wanted to write poetry for Valentine. Please remember to use one of the four images in the prompt and include the reference back to her site.
February 13, 2018

35 responses to “If you would let me dream

  1. It could be you in that image, Bjorn! Great poem to go with the image – I particularly love the liens:
    ‘If I could be a sliver
    of your thoughts’
    ‘If I could butterfly,
    be lighthouse
    privy to your heart’.
    A worthy Valentine!

  2. A wonderful valentine! LOVE that second stanza…to be a lighthouse — LOVING that idea! 🙂 ….forming wings for you from dreams of mine…love this sentiment as well.

  3. Splendid. Truly.

    But really, Björn, how do you manage to write such beauty in such a short time? I just received dVerse’s email notification, and already there are several wonderful poems on Mr Linky … and I’m still trying to figure out what to write. (sigh)

  4. So sweet, so touching–a little hard to assign gender to author’s voice, but still, that propels the piece into into mythos and fantasy. I chose this
    image too, but careened off on another tangent

  5. If I could…a great way to open each stanza. There are so many lovely lines that is hard for me to pinpoint a favorite, but with saying that these lines just tug at the heart.

    forming wings for you
    from dreams of mine

    You are quite the romantic these days!

  6. What a lovely valentine! I particularly like the image of your dreams forming your loved one’s wings. And, of course, the butterfly is the classical representation of the psyche, which gives this an extra depth for me.

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  8. I lost track of where I was on my blog reading when I last left off and ended up reading this one again. I think it was even more lovely the second time. 🙂

  9. I find this sad, hearing the repression of the masculine psyche in your words and seeing it in the image as well. Who is stopping Male from dreaming and believing in love, besides a personified demon of thousands of years of historicity laying rigid the rules of masculinity? Who is keeping Male from his soul but himself?

  10. being privy to someone’s thoughts gives access to more than just to heart and love, it’s to the entire person as a whole, to their soul even, that’s ultimate love. a poem so worthy of the artwork chosen.

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