You ask me to describe the scent of fear, and I blush ashamed.

For some it’s a fragrance red and bloodstained, other say it smells of ice and snow. Fear for me it is rot, a whiff of jungle meeting sea; fear is murkiness of mangrove. Fear for me are eddies in stale water; movements underneath. Fear is scaly hands reaching through the porthole, the shadow of its fins and fangs.

After all these years I still have nightmares, at night he visits me. The creature of the Black Lagoon.

And you still insists that we should go to Amazonas?

The first thing I see with a tropical picture like this is not paradise but memories of watching parts of “The creature of the black lagoon”. I’m not a fan of horror movies but images from that one have disturbed my sleep many times. I have never watched it as an adult, but today I think I would laugh at the pictures.

Rochelle selects the picture, and the example. The rest of us come up with a 100 word story that we find from the image. Friday Fictioneers starts on Wednesday and gives you the whole week to read and comment. I try my best.

February 7, 2018

45 responses to “Raincheck

  1. There is no explaining fear for each person!
    As for the movie clip, thanks for that. Now I’m thinking “The Shape of Water” must have been partially based on this old movie!

  2. I love “Creature of the Black Lagoon” (1954). The last of the Universal monsters and actually part of a trilogy. I especially loved the character of Lucas (Nestor Paiva) the Captain of the beat up river boat. “The catfish in this river are six feet long and killers, like everything in this river, killers.”

    The movie was originally a 3D production and I had the fortune of seeing it in a movie theater in Berkeley many years ago in 3D. Fun times.

  3. EXACTLY! Good capture of the scent. I love that old movie. Used to scare the bejebbers outa me when I was little. Now, I stay up late to watch it on Svenghoolie when it’s on. Then, I still have nightmares. Heheh! Love it!

  4. Great and imaginative take on the prompt. I like how your character stepped into this – the point of view, in trying to explain the hesitation. And using scent – to try to explain – and the idea of ice and snow – that’s really clever – it adds another element to not wanting to travel to a particular place. In this case, the murky jungle. Clever writing ideas here Bjorn 🙂

  5. For some it’s a fragrance red and bloodstained, other say it smells of ice and snow. LOVE this line.
    I don’t know how many times I’ve seen Creature From the Black Lagoon. My husband grew up watching all the oldies. It’s a wacky movie that makes me smile.

  6. I like the way you have written a story within a story. The outer story is that you are explaining to an unspecified character that you don’t want to holiday in Amazonas. The reader identifies with the unnamed person, and that draws them into your tale. Clever – I like it! And then you tell your tale to that character, and it’s beautifully described and rich in sensory detail. Excellent writing, Bjorn!

  7. It’s so interesting to hear what horror movies different people find traumatizing. Usually, it’s something a person watched as a young child. I’ve loved scary movies from a very young age though.

  8. No horror films for me, they are just not my thing. They are nearly as bad as packing to go on holiday.

  9. well that is why i do not watch horror stuff- I feel like I do not want it in my mind –
    and in your piece here – I felt two sections.
    The second one was the connection to the movie and memory- but the first one leading up – was so word rich and layered and could apply to many fearful experiences.
    esp. liked:
    it is rot, a whiff of jungle meeting sea

  10. You paint the fear so well, the tropical scents and the humidity, the fins and fangs in the porthole – yuk.

  11. I enjoyed the way you described fear in so many ways. They all seem to be what I feel when I’m in fear. Thumbs up, Bjorn, for taking this photo that looks heavenly to a dark place. This is why I enjoy FF so much. Everyone sees things in a different way.
    Isadora 😎

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