If I could palimpsest myself —
rewrite the manuscript,
I would poetry
I would paint myself a smile,
and wear for you.
I would daisy chain and dance
forsake the ash and cloth
if I could palimpsest myself.

Daisies by Avigdor Arikha

A second small poem for Amaya at dVerse on the subject of changing yourself.

15 responses to “Palimpsest

  1. Your emotion-centred interpretation of ‘palimpsest’ is beautiful. And the phrase “I would poetry” brings such a unique cadence. So lovely!

  2. This in fact has a feeling of joy and whimsy and mischief, so I’m not too worried about your inclination to rewrite yourself. 😉

  3. The smooth cadence, vivid capture of emotions, the play of words (with palimpsest in the mix) and brevity of your poem appeal to all senses. Brilliant write!

  4. love this, especially “I would daisy chain and dance”, if one could palimpsest one’s life, then to rewrite it with joy — so lovely!

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