I try in vain to brush aside con-
cussions from my past;
those foot-in-mouth occasions
when indiscretions
jumped as frogs from mouth to skin.
Those stomp-on-toe incidnts
that comes back at too late at night.

Can discectomy
be done on past discourse?
Can you let me carve discussions in arrears,
band-aid wound of words
or let me cover up my past
with white of lies?

Forgive me, cause this:
my pentimento
is for real and not another mask,

Regretful by Morteza Katouzian

In tonight’s prompt at dVerse Amaya wants us to write a poem in any form about a time (specifically or abstractly) you changed your mind. Keep in mind that pentimento in Italian means ‘repentance’, so a change for the greater good is what we’re going for, not one resulting in regret or even greater remorse.
February 6, 2018

18 responses to “Pentimento

  1. There is probably little we can experience that is more real than the humbling that occurs when we change our minds. And I absolutely can relate to your phrase “concussions of the past” and the lingering sense that it is not finished. We can correct our own past foibles, through word and action together.

  2. What a GREAT take on the prompt! Ah….the ole “foot in mouth” disease…how well it applies here. And I love the idea of the diseconomy….would that it could be so.
    Feels good to be back…….have missed reading everyone! 🙂

  3. Reality bites…especially after back-peddling our overt assumptions. An you know what they make of you and me!! Great point to be made here.

  4. The opening line is so strong, Bjorn, and I love the different ways of expressing awkward moments: ‘foot-in-mouth occasions’ and ‘stomp-on-toe incidents’, and the idea that we might ‘carve discussions in arrears’ and ‘band-aid wound of words’ – not so sure about covering up the past with white lies. 🙂

  5. Oh! How wonderful it would be to carve discussions in arrears… to unwind words. I love the words and the form… and your allusion to masks is apt.

  6. We tend to worry about those embarrassments more than those on the receiving end do, I think. The hardest person to forgive is yourself. (K)

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