Tabula Rasa

This poem is a void —
devoid of hues or views,
a canvas lacking pigment
a ballad yet unborn;
    tabula rasa.

This poem is the pewter —
stacked and ready
to be cast into your mould,
it’s a promise ot a lie;
    tabula rasa.

This poem is a wish —
whatever you have wanted;
a seed beneath the snow
a hope of harvest yet to come;
    tabula rasa.

This poem is for you —
a chalice to be filled with wine;
the gift from someone
who has nothing left to give;
    tabula rasa.

Tabula Rasa by Sharon Knight

Today Mish hosts Poetics at dVerse, and she brings the photographic art by Sharon Knight who shares her photos on We have her permission to use her photos for this prompt, so join us and complement her photography with your poetry. Do not forget referring back to Sharon’s site.

32 responses to “Tabula Rasa

  1. That is effective repetition, Bjorn, not only the ‘tabula rasa’ but also ‘void’ and ‘devoid’, and the internal rhyme of hues/views, which conveys the emptiness of the scene.,I really love ‘a ballad yet unborn’ and ‘a seed beneath the snow’.

  2. I love the postmodern feel of this, like the poem is speaking self-referentially. The first three stanzas speak of hope and the third of a sort of hope born of despair. Really nice work, Bjorn!

  3. One of your best. The repetition works very well in this. The emptiness of the photo and the chalice filled with wine – they all work together very well in this.

  4. This is so delicate. Often, when given the gift of tabula rasa, there is a sense of coloring it and filling it up vibrantly and rapidly. But here there is a prudence, a sense of great care. I love,
    “the gift from someone
    who has nothing left to give;”

  5. A poem painted in front of my eyes. I like the repetition and especially love the kindness of “the gift from someone
    who has nothing left to give”.

  6. Nice. 🙂 The line, “the gift from someone
    who has nothing left to give” was perfect. A gift from someone who has nothing, and yet it is everything.

  7. Oh that ending has a very affecting twist. Thank you for fixing my link…I am having trouble with my mouse and sometimes I think I have copied a thing but I haven’t.


  8. kaykuala

    This poem is for you —
    a chalice to be filled with wine;
    the gift from someone

    A poem is a song sung to the accompaniment of a music of silence but incorporating all that love has to offer


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