All on black

It’s not stealing I had said —
I only need this win, and I will pay them back.

She won’t fight for custody; she’ll take me back.

This is the last straw —
Everything at once.
All I have on black.

One spin, I watch the ball tumbling.
Dizzy and transfixed, dancing on the precipice, I’m falling — landing hard:
Number twelve and red.

Everything turns black.
I’m caught; entangled — done.
They will come for me tonight.
They will devour me; skin me raw; let me burn.

I’ll be corpse to show what happens when you steal from them.

I thought about being caught in a spiderweb, and my thoughts went to be gambling. We now understand that gambling is a disease. Guess that you should have it treated before you steal money from the mob.

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82 responses to “All on black

  1. “Guess that you should have it treated before you steal money from the mob.” Haha Wise words, Björn, and a good tale to illustrate your point.

  2. Brilliant. Love it. People who gamble are so deluded. You story demonstrates so well the man’s desperation and his sorry fate. You can almost hear the clock ticking away towards his end, through your short, sharp sentences.

  3. Wow! No need for the explanatory note – your powerful words told the whole tale. Such vivid, visceral stufff – had me riding on a knife edge, waiting for that ball to fall. Great story

  4. Outstanding piece, Bjorn. Graveyards and homeless shelter are filled with people who were addicted to this awful disease. An occasional win fed the fire until at last the fire consumed them.

  5. That is awesome. I read “All on Black”,,, then i did soundcloud. Man-oh-man Björn fantastic story. I had to reread story at your slower speaking pace,,,, Very nice, thanks for the extra element.

  6. A hard lesson to learn. You give us so much story and emotion in this -his defeat is total, he knows it and we feel his despair. So well done.

  7. Well, Bjorn, I enjoyed the audio reading. Do you have the accent or was that a voice for the character? I enjoyed reading your story too. There’s more insight in hearing it read; especially, from the author, but I got the same thoughts when I read it. Interesting way to go with the prompt. I suppose a gambler (I don’t gamble – work too hard for my money to waste it) is caught in a web. The addiction must be to win win win more and more money. Well done ….
    Isadora 😎

  8. love how you showed so much in the powerful opening-
    we have the rationalizing away at the stealing – cos that is what happens – it sneaks up on them –
    then you have the familial conflict
    and lead it right into the addiction – well done
    and side note – just heard on the radio about a movie called “molly’s Game”

    “Molly Bloom’s former life as a “poker princess” in the secretive world of high-stakes poker is the basis of an Aaron Sorkin movie, “Molly’s Game.”
    it sounds really good

  9. This sounds like a type of mafia. You don’t steal from the big guys and they never let you leave once you’re caught up in it. It’s truly like a spider’s web. Good writing, Bjorn. —- Suzanne

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