Consoling the moon

I know you should be blue — my winter moon. You should lend your sheen to snow; you should reflect yourself in ice and not in water. Winter should be cold. Not like this. From the west the rain rolls in, and you my moon can only veil yourself shame, in fog and cloud. Winter merges with autumn into yet another dark November.

I talked with you this morning, you are waning and your grin looks pale and sad. I can’t console you, moon, for your loss of ice and snow; I can only mourn with you and do my best. I bicycle to work.

naked in the rain
a discarded Christmas tree —
scent of rotting leaves

November by Koloman Moser

Viktoria hosts the first Haibun Monday at dVerse with a prompt on Fuyu No Tsuki, the winter moon and we shall come up with a nonfiction prose with a haiku to match. The winter is very absent here in Sweden, and I want to have some.

January 8, 2017

50 responses to “Consoling the moon

  1. That was really nice, Bjorn. Enjoyed the melancholic flow of it. Fits so well with this wet, cold, gloomy day we have here. Yesterday, temp was 0^F with windchills around -10^F. Today, it’s 38^F windchill 25^F. Too much ice to ride…

  2. I love the thought of consoling the moon – she usually consoles me.
    I also love the way the moon is reflected in your words, Bjorn, and that poor naked, discarded Christmas tree really describes the feeling when the festive season is over.

  3. I never experienced seeing the sky in a winter with snow.. the maximum coldness that always happen in Jeddah city, Saudi Arabia 18*C.. The sky always navy in summer and a bit greenish in winter.. and The moon always bare.. bright whole and beautiful…

    I cant imagine if in your country during the winter you have a cold night and the mood hidden between the clouds.. maybe it is beautiful for sometimes.. but if it is forever dark, what am I gonna feel? Hehehe

  4. I can send you some of my winter cold here Bjorn ~ Love the thought of consoling the sad and pale moon ~ Good for you to bike going to work (hopefully not naked in the rain 🙂 )

  5. You’ve captured the ‘down,’ of the Christmas and New Year season’s end. There is something about being out in the rain – caught in a storm – that makes me feel naked – very insightful.

  6. My favorite moment: I talked with you this morning, you are waning and your grin looks pale and sad. I can’t console you, moon, for your loss of ice and snow; I can only mourn with you and do my best. I bicycle to work.- though I’m grateful for this mild winter here.

  7. I always feel Christmas comes too early in the winter! There’s still a lot of it to get through. It sounds like you are getting as much squelch as we are. I like your sympathy for the moon, and your mention of the discarded Christmas tree is masterful.

  8. How strangely weather is behaving. I guess we have ourselves to blame. As always, I loved your reading. It adds to the meaning, in tone and inflection.

  9. Lovely Haibun!! First consoling the moon & then ending with distinct smell of season!! Wonderful write indeed

  10. Winters have changed every 10,000 years or so, all is in flux. Niagara Falls was covered in ice this winter — where some lament, others rejoice. Change respects no one. Fun Haibun

  11. The scene is so barren after all the festivities are over and at that time nature comes up with something good as moon. But to see that moon also fade away only adds glum to the dark mood.

  12. Luv your moon musing Bjorn.

    Oh and we will be getting a BLUE MOON on the 31st Jan.

    When there are 2 full moons in one month the 2nd is a Blue Moon

    much love…

  13. FYI:

    The Moon: Male or Female?

    Language gender: der Mond(German, la lune/a (French/Spanish),månen (Swedish/Norwegian) …

    Male gods: Germanic (Mani), Japanese (Tsukuyomi)…
    Female goddess: Chinese (Chang’e), Greek (Phoebe)…

    But in many cultures, the sun and moon are opposite genders.

    • Add your personal view as well… maybe it can be a woman to a man and man to a woman… In Sweden we do not normally attribute gender to the moon, but a long time ago we said that the moon is male and the sun is female….

  14. It seems unseasonable weather is everywhere in the world these days. If I could, I’d gladly send you some of the Arctic temperature that has been hitting Philadelphia. Alaska is warmer than we had been for the last couple of weeks. We’re finally hitting the 30’s again, and that works for me.

  15. Your moon has a melancholy grin, and mine has one of hope and grace. I don’t like the gloomy grey of rainy chill either. Though I also didn’t like the extreme cold we’ve just had–probably more typical of what you normally have this time of year.
    Lovely poem.

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