He dreams in sepia —
Like every book is one in many,
stories merging; flow of water
under bridges, glow of past:
she is woman, mother, girl —

His past is one in many… gone.

“My choice was not to choose…
… to build a world with words.”

The aged librarian smiles…
dreams his dreams but reads in sepia.

Firefly by George Sealey

Kerry gives us a picture by George Sealey at toads to write a poem on. I found it quite dreamlike, and tried to fit it to my librarian.
I will also link up to Poetry Pantry tomorrow.

January 6, 2017

39 responses to “Sepia

  1. There is so much mystery surrounding your librarian and now and again you give us a peek. I love the series and, perhaps because I am of the sepia generation, I find this a comfortable place to be.

  2. You told me a secret about the librarian once. This makes me think of that, of her, and cross my fingers that the book will end with her walking back into his library. All the possibilities … Will she find him alive or dead? Will she be alive or a ghost? Just a dream? And on and on I go … imagining.

  3. His past is one in many… I really liked the tone of that! As if our pasts are an album of sepia toned photographs in a withering album!

  4. I like to imagine that your librarian may have a few memories in sepia of a woman who touched his soul in a way his books cannot.

    • By coincidence I read a short story by Borges after I had written this… so many connections with the story and the poem I wonder if I had read it before… maybe there is just one book repeated endlessly…

      • The ether is super connective right now. Or perhaps the time of year allows for extra perception. Cool when that happens.

  5. Many years ago I was lucky as a young teen when my mother worked in library. Then I was able to read adult fiction at will. The reference section was a great education in itself by aiding my homework! I think mankind has built quite a world with words and tried to destroy it with them too.

  6. Nice job one that one. I see your aged librarian in the glow of soft light reading in sepia glow

    Very vivid image

    Happy New Year Björn


  7. He has built a sepia toned sanctuary while the world flows on around him. I wonder if he ever wonders about what would have happened had he actively chosen, instead of letting the circumstances chose for him.

  8. I love “he dreams in sepia”, his love of books…..I rather love the aged librarian, who is sort of dreamy himself. You have made him so real to us. I love the idea of building a world with words.

  9. I too love the mystery. The sepia provides the perfect haze in which to place a this librarian, who seems to have many secrets.
    So nicely done.

  10. A wonderful piece. I adore your aged librarian series.
    ‘“My choice was not to choose…
    … to build a world with words.”
    – an intriguing line … a fascinating line, really.
    I very much enjoyed your reading and would love to hear more.

  11. The aged librarian smiles…
    dreams his dreams but reads in sepia.

    Old photos in sepia make perhaps are too familiar to the aged librarian that he just could not avoid them, reading or looking..


  12. Love your librarian! He seems to be a custodian of a mystical library way beyond our ken. I love how you paint him in tones of sepia ink

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