O stigma
of his bells;
the leper’s limp
our calls,
his marks from hell;
is just a leap of faith
darkly blind to faults of own.

O stigma
of his marks;
rejoice, rejoice;
he is sent to bless us:
cleaning filth
from frozen hearts.

The hypocrites by Gustave Dore

Hello all, today we open the doors again to dVerse. Grace hosts with a Quadrille and the word leap. The poem shall be exactly 44 words and include the word leap.

January 1, 2018

32 responses to “Stigma

  1. This is poetry! You twist and turn your reader with irony and sound and truth – all with just 44 well-chosen words. And as a lover of the spoken word, I rejoice, rejoice that you included a sound cloud This is one of your best!

  2. This is a difficult poem for me, so well-crafted and delivered. I’ve read it again and again and for me, its power lies in the parallelism between the marks, the leper’s limp, and our calls — how they are all profoundly connected and rooted in sin. And not the leper’s sin… Great first poem of the year.

  3. Expertly crafted, Bjorn, especially the contrasts of the stigmas.:
    ‘…marks from hell;
    is just a leap of faith’
    ‘he is sent to bless us:
    cleaning filth
    from frozen hearts’.

  4. Love the powerful meaning of that stigma and the read Bjorn ~ The twist in the meaning of stigma of the first and second verse is excellent.

  5. This is so beautiful and powerful and it means a lot as I used to work as the administrator of a leprosy project in Malawi where both leprosy and HIV were full of stigma. Happy New Year Björn, may it bring you many blessings :o)

  6. Perhaps the poor and needy are give for that very reason….to keep our hearts of frozen indifference from becoming permanent! Good thought for all.

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