Of Sea

I am of sea
a breaker moored
another coming,
an end and new beginnings.

I am soil of death and birth,
the giggle of a toddler
      in a cemetery.
I am palimpsest and vellum

I am your chance to make
      the same mistakes again,
I am of sea
  another sheet of paper
    another road diverging
      another year begun.

Happy New Year

Stormy Sea (The Wave) by Gustave Courbet

January 1 2018.

16 responses to “Of Sea

  1. Such good sensory descriptions in this. I can smell the sea near which much of my life has played out. Now, (soon) I am of the desert. I love the extremes of nature, I suppose.

  2. Lovely! I love the sea and like to go there, but really – as is fitting – I am of river. And of hills and mountains.

    But I love too how you are not only of sea, or even soil, but also of palimpsest and vellum. The poet self … or the aged librarian?

  3. Love this especially; “I am your chance to make the same mistake again.” Beautifully penned. Happy New Year, Bjorn! 🌠🎇

  4. Happy New Year, Bjorn. Another year begun indeed. May it be full of poetry. You and Grace did a phenomenal job on the anthology. It is brilliant, looks wonderful, and I am taking it to writers’ group with me this week to show it off. I know how much work you put into it. Well done.

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