Declaration for the ship

We believe the world to be a ship;
a ship on route
through reefs and doldrums,
through storms and hate.

We believe the world to be a ship;
a ship where every woman, child and man
has to share congested cabins,
food and water.

We believe the world to be a ship;
a ship too small for mutiny;
too large to know from bow to stern;

We believe the world to be a ship;
a ship, indivisible; substantial for battles;
brittle as the butterfly.

We believe the world to be a ship;
a ship that is a cinch to moor on hostile land
unless we help ourselves, (the helmsman)
to steer clear; collaborate; cooperate
decipher signs in stars;
agree and find the true north
correct discourse; discuss and sail

We believe the world to be a ship;
a ship where every hand on deck is needed,
you, me and even them
who says that ships can be divided.

We declare the unity of ship,
to prove humanity (is us)
has strength enough
to save our souls, our ship;
to save ourselves.

Sea with a ship by Ivan Aivazovsky

A manifesto for my own prompt at toads. I will also link up to Poetry Pantry tomorrow morning. Have a Happy New Year.

December 30, 2017

32 responses to “Declaration for the ship

  1. Björn, you’ve outdone yourself here. From descriptions to solutions and resolutions.. you wove it in there. All hands on deck to collaborate, co-operate, to help one another. A great manifesto indeed.

  2. We’re all in the same boat. (Sorry, couldn’t resist) loved this line especially:to steer clear; collaborate; cooperate To peace in the new year.

  3. I like this, Bjorn. The repetition helps drive the points home. Every hand on deck is indeed needed to keep the ship on the right course!

  4. “A ship too small for mutiny”….I wish the leaders of all countries UNDERSTOOD this! That final stanza is especially wonderful, Bjorn. Maybe the result of the present disharmony will be that somehow the world will begin to understand we are one humanity. From your mouth to God’s ears. But it is MAN – Humanity – that needs to listen. For we are who has caused this mess.

  5. I love the metaphor of the ship. Indeed, we are on a ship sailing through space. I hope we all learn to respect others and to respect the earth. Happy New Year to you and those you hold dear.

  6. Bjorn, I must thank you for year’s worth of truly inspiring poetry. This one is such a remarkable voice ringing out at the end of a long and difficult year. Part V contains the vital message if the ship is to sail on.

  7. Very fitting, Bjorn. This is a timely read as we usher in the new year. I like the first two stanzas. One day, we will all be sailing together. One day. Happy New Year

  8. I wish to be optimistic too for the coming new year. Wish everyone knew how precious this lively bubble of a blue drop—this ship—was. Beautifully put.

  9. A wonderful statement of belief; and I very much enjoyed hearing you read it aloud with such firm conviction.

  10. There are those that will keep that ship afloat, and those that seem intent on taking it to the bottom of the ocean.. lovely analogy there Bjorn. A very happy new year to you.

  11. Sadly there is mutiny on board our ship at the moment and we may be near to sinking for what we are doing to the Earth and our lack of care for it’s living things.

  12. I love the metaphor of the ship especially; “a ship too small for mutiny”.. I enjoyed hearing you read this poem with undying conviction!💞 Happy New Year, Bjorn! 🙂

  13. I dearly hope we can save our ship Björn. i will be part of your crew too.
    Wishing you peace and happiness in the coming year,
    Anna :o]

  14. I, too, believe “humanity (is us)”, and we will find the strength to save all we can. Because, yes, humans can be quite the pest. But we can also be wonderful when we want, and we do want.

  15. Fantastic! Get this published, spread it around, read it a cafes. I remember this chant when I marched on Washington DC “We’re all in the same boat. Keep the boat afloat.”

  16. indeed a ship can be a microcosm of this world. but there are too many plotting to be the captain. let’s hope it reaches calmer waters.

  17. Wow Bjorn this is indeed a powerful manifesto….it declares itself as such for us to listen, fill ourselves with its hope and soldier or sailor on! I like this ship, and intend to make sure it follows its true course as we work to steer it together.

  18. All so good, as usual, Bjorn. But my favorite is this: “We believe the world to be a ship; / a ship, indivisible; substantial for battles; / brittle as the butterfly.’ Happy new year. May we have the courage to right our ship.

  19. Such belief, if strong enough, might actually manifest. I hope this chant brings more on board, ready to unite! I love hearing you read.

  20. A perfect metaphoric manifest. Loved this poem, and the bonus of listening to you read it.

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