Amalgamate your shades;
be color or be grey
you’re neither white nor black
but many different shades of you.

Be torn between
the ace of heart and king of spades.
be shades; be rainbow born;
be colors seen; reflect,
refract the rainbow hues of you;
amalgamate; be true.

Rainbow in Blossom by Erte

Marian inspires us with music by the wonderful DeQn Sue at toads. She was new to me, but watching the NPR Tinydesk concert made me write the poem based the concert and the song Magenta.

December 28, 2017

27 responses to “Amalagamate

  1. I liked this song too, and that word amalgamation stuck with me as well. We are living color, refractions of light. Happy new year to the old you & the old me in differing & shifting shades of the rainbow, the world that contains us, wants to be us

  2. Oh, and it would be a great performance poem…I’ve just been reading it aloud to myself, and now I need to read it to a friend or two!

  3. Thanks for these words, Bjorn. Plus the ‘Magenta’ video has excellent photography. I especially liked the automobile start. I once thought of amalgamating my blogs but didn’t. I believe about eight are left dangling, nearly or completely abandoned. One other gets views but less than once in a blue moon do I update it (“How to stop your rooster from crowing” gets the most) and two are active. Almagamation of humans in differing ways and blends is a wonderful use of the word.

  4. ‘reflect, refract the rainbow hues of you’.. indeed!❤️ Such a wonderfully uplifting write, Bjorn! 🙂

  5. Excellent message in your excellent poem. (Also I love the song, as magenta is my signature colour!)

  6. I like the rhythm and the call to ‘Amalgamate your shades’, Bjorn; My favourite lines have to be:
    ‘Be torn between
    the ace of heart and king of spades’
    ‘refract the rainbow hues of you’.
    Happy New Year, Bjorn!

  7. Oh! Love, love love. I was introduced to her from the NPR Tiny Desk thing and fell in love. You have captured the effervescent quality of the performer for sure. Really love this, Bjorn. Yay!

  8. kaykuala

    refract the rainbow hues of you;
    amalgamate; be true.

    One may be heading in many directions not by choice but more with the power that forces s flow against our aspirations! Yes it happens frequently!


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