Small adventures

Let every day be another small adventure, let there be the slightest obstacle to overcome. It’s like going uphill on the bicycle and knowing that after going uphill follows thrills of downhill rush. We need problems small enough to solve before we go to bed. To know you’ve done the best you can is the best surprise. Today it snowed and bicycling to work grew from Monday habit to adventure, we never fell, and darkness lessened just enough; tomorrow it will snow again so we changed the tire just to keep adventures small.

cradled by branches
this hidden stash of acorns —
squeaking squirrel

Squirrel Nutkin by Beatrix Potter

Today Frank hosts haibun Monday at dVerse. Join us and write about being pleasantly surprised.

December 11, 2017

35 responses to “Small adventures

  1. Sometimes problems stay small, and we can handle them, but other times, they get out of hand, crazy wild, monster in the middle of the room, challenge you for all you are worth. And this mix, is what we call “life.”

  2. What fun, biking to work in the snow. This somehow reminds me of riding the trolley in Philly during icy and snowy westher. The trolleys would go down certain hills and usually slide off the rails. Everyone would jump off and push it back onto the tracks. Fun adventures!

  3. I like the change of direction and relation to nature. Every squirrel has to chase that nut. And I rather like looking at life as an adventure – it keeps it fun and fresh.

    Though, be careful in that know. A fall will surely sting.
    But that too is part of life.

  4. Adverntures to every day increases our interest, rallies our senses, and challenges our energy. However, I truly cannot imagine riding to work on a bicycle in the snow!!! You are a hardy one for sure, my friend!
    PS: I just learned yesterday that squirrels cannot find 80% of the squirrels they find! Interesting fact., eh? It’ll make me feel not so bad when I lose my keys the next time! 🙂

  5. This is lulling and atmospheric, drawing the reader into the scene and your thoughts.

    I’m particularly fond of this: “darkness lessened just enough”

    I’m not sure I agree with you; I think no problems might be best. But I understand where you’re coming from.

  6. Meanwhile, you are getting a good workout and staying in shape in all senses of the words! Little problems to solve keep us ready for any big ones that come along.

  7. how wonderful to have little adventures! I used to think adventures need to be large and over the top, not so much now, your words have brought a fresh perspective.

  8. You’ve struck on a good philosophy in this and – I’ve no doubt – that the minor inconveniences of small adventures help to steel us for the occasional vexation that challenges our fortitude and mettle.

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