Rush hour

In sheen of polished shoes
the rush of feet —
pretending purpose
in a rush of hurry
to commuter trains.

Their polyestered hearts have
ceased to beat
for anything but booze
and plastic cards.

Yet —
the last of leaves still fall
on pavements
leaving branches bare,
when wind bring scents from sea
and hope.

A 55 for Hedge.

November 10, 2017

7 responses to “Rush hour

  1. ugh. polyester hearts and plastic.
    thank goodness there is still some living out there, even in this season of passing. and the promise of a spring on the other side.

  2. This is some sweet writing, Bjorn. The season carries us all on its sharp winds, doesn’t it? I especially like the center section and the plastic cards.Thanks for playing this week!

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