As it falls

November falls
as frost on leaves and brittle grass.
November falls
with weight of lead on roof and walls
where we seek warmth in empty flasks.
Please let me sleep and make this pass —
November falls.

November © Eugene Leroy

Marian let us write Rondolets at toads. I did it once before, and found the form challenging in its brevity. I will also add this to Poetry Pantry tomorrow morning.

November 11, 2017

37 responses to “As it falls

  1. ‘November falls with weight of lead on roof and walls where we seek warmth in empty flasks’.. this is such an apt image! Beautifully done.

  2. Ah, indeed November can be a harsh month and one perhaps to sleep through. Actually though I think I would prefer to sleep through January which can be even more wicked!

  3. kaykuala

    Please let me sleep
    and make this pass

    Perhaps to have a respite before the advent of harsh winter


  4. The seasons are different across the world, summers are sometimes harder to bear than winters down under! However I do remember winters in the northern hemisphere.

  5. Brrr!
    Your words are of this very morning of mine. Added to the cold is that the central heating is playing up – the fan screeching a little.
    It’s certainly picked its time!
    Anna :o]

  6. I love November and we’ve just had several blasts of hail, which have left ice everywhere. The wind is icy. I love the lines:
    ‘November falls
    with weight of lead on roof and walls
    where we seek warmth in empty flasks’.

  7. You sound like an old bear Bjorn,
    wanting to hibernate through it. Ha.

    Nice tactile feeling to the falling of November. It is bitter cold here right now, so it is all about the layers. Though I think it is more feeling than temp that drives your narrator to want to sleep it off.

    Dang empty flasks. Wher did it all go?

  8. November does indeed have a weight to it. I’m looking out my window right now at grey skies and the distant possibility of rain. November falls.

  9. November, my birth month, falls again to say, one year older, “take heed. Get on with it, no time to waste.” I like what you wrote, November Falls.

  10. Ah yes your November seems quite laden. Juxtaposed for me November is that lovely month many many years ago, i first became a mother😊


  11. I like the repetition here. Yes, November is a “passing” month — the real threshold to winter, most trees bare, cold settling in. Time for a fire and homemade soup.

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