Likes as true as buttons

We are relatively well related (as
likely-likes-on-Facebook buddies), my cousin’s
only one degree of separation, though he
moves in better circles
close to fashion almost sex-drug-rock-n’-rolling which
could have moved Madonna closer than the
sixth degree of human separations.
Anyway I saw
his Facebook update yesterday,
and this is true as glasses on a cobra, it had more
than the usual dozen likes. Maybe more like fifty-three.
He danced all dressed in meat with lady Gaga
and I called him to say hi.
Awed I asked me over for a meal
to dine on veal that he had cured against her thigh.
He told me it’s a promo for McDonald that had failed,
and I payed him well in bourbon.
And this is true as buttons on my winter-coat
or else I’ll freeze to death.

Izy want’s us to write about a relative’s meeting with a famous person at toads. This makes me think of the six degrees of separation… so anything is be possible.

September 9, 2017

16 responses to “Likes as true as buttons

  1. This was a fun poem to read. It had a bounce to it, and the word choice throughout was fantastic. I love how “likely-likes-on-Facebook” rolls off the tongue. A couple of other phrases that caught my attention “this is true as glasses on a cobra” and “And this is true as buttons on my winter-coat.”

  2. I love the commentary on the six degrees of separation and how social media seems to close that gap. This was fun and unexpected. Thanks for posting, Bjorn!

  3. i saw this as serious criticism of society, capitalism, fame, social media and what people regard as ‘innocent’ fun, ‘clothed’ in humour. i’m reminded why i left facebook.

  4. Glasses on a cobra. Ha. I like that turn of phrase. I dont know that i would want to be that close to madonna. You might catch something. A failed Mcdonald’s promo. Ha.

  5. This is magnificent
    Fun and light hearted
    But as petrujviljoen pointed out
    Hinting at a deeper meaning


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