26 responses to “When silence thrives

  1. I’m not sure what’s worse, the silence around Weinstein or the noise around Trump – either way I am disgusted by the ‘groping hands from men of power’ or indeed men of any kind who know no boundaries.

  2. If only women were not so conditioned to keep their hands to themselves, a few hard slaps and knees in the groin would be a good way of dealing with this kind of reptile.

  3. It is too bad a lot of men are like this..and the silence sad. I just saw Joe Biden’s recent speech on this. He has the right response and angry tone the world needs to hear. Why wasn’t it repeated many times in mass media, I don’t know.

    Ens synd och skam 
    vil göra tam 
    i samfund trångt, 
    ved viset vrångt. 
    Men bättre är 
    den ting at se 
    at en är kär 
    som blivelse. 

  5. The biggest shame is that, even when exposed, these despicable people do not acknowledge let alone apologize for their actions. I really think they have no idea what awaits them.

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