The world is flat

Awhaped and betrumped
we’re stumped for words;
as war & fury can be waged
in only hundred forty letters
Cause when quacksalver and
coney-catch can match the
facts of science we can just as
well accept: the earth is flat.

The quack by Jan Steen

Paul gives us a great list of words that we need to save from extinction at toads.

Betrump: To deceive, cheat; to elude, slip from
Awhape: To amaze, stupefy with fear, confound utterly
Quacksalver: A person who dishonestly claims knowledge of or skill in medicine, a pedlar of false cures.
Coney-catch: To swindle, cheat, to trick, dup, deceive

October 19, 2017

12 responses to “The world is flat

  1. You made me smile with this wonderful summary of modern politics, Bjorn! Coney-catch is apt – although the Donald is more like a rabbit in the headlights!

  2. A wonderful response, Bjorn. The wit is on point and I like the way you rhymed those crazy words internally.

  3. Excellent – clever and wise. Loved the words … especially betrumped. And the artwork that you chose: Inspired!

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